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Julia Ann Alexander Paulson (1835-1921)

Born: 1835 in Beaver County, PA
Died: 15 August 1921 in PA (age 86)
Mother: Frances (1806-1836)
Father: Joseph M. Alexander
1st Husband: Henry George Paulson (1838-1898) Married at age 20, in 1855
Divorced 1867
2nd Husband: Valentine Stewart Hobaugh (1831-?) Married on 21 May 1876 in Beaver Falls, PA, at the First United Methodist Church, at age 41
Children with Henry George Paulson:
1. Drusilla, 1857-?
2. Charles Hall, 1860-1927
3. Fanny Mary, 1862-1915
4. Joseph Fillmore Paulson, born May 21, 1867 in New Brighton, Beaver County, PA; died 1957

Julia was my great-great grandmother. She was born in 1835 in Beaver County, and married Henry George Paulson in 1855. Henry’s life was troubled; he may have been an alcoholic or compulsive gambler. This quote is from the “Record of the Family Powelson” by Frank Wible Powelson:
“Henry Powelson (Paulson) married Julia Alexander of New Brighton, Penna. From reports told by the members of his own family, he must have been a rounder, because his wife divorced him and went back to her people. There were three or four children by this union. Henry married a second time and there was at least one son born, whose name could not be learned.”
Note: A “rounder” is an old-fashioned word that means someone who throws money away by gambling or drinking. Records show that he and Julia divorced in 1867, the same year that their fourth child, a son named Joseph, was born. Joseph is my great-grandfather. 

Julia was buried with Valentine and his first wife, Catharine, after her death in 1921, at Beaver Cemetery in Beaver, PA. Find-a-Grave Memorial #26404617:

I found the following account by Joseph A. Bachman (great-grandson of Julia’s eldest daughter, Drusilla) on

Early: Pennsylvania and New York; also Belmont County in Ohio?; by 1835: Butler County, PA, and Beaver County, PA. By 1850s, some had moved to Monroe County, Ohio, and Allegheny County, PA. 

 My earliest known Alexander ancestry was my G-G-G-Grandfather, who was Joseph Alexander (1806-1888). He was born in Pennsylvania, lived briefly in New York State in 1828 when his son, James was born; he'd  moved to the southwestern PA areas of Unionville (in Bulter County) by 1835 and then to New Brighton (Beaver Conty). His wife - at least by the time of the the 1850 census in Beaver County – was Nancy (1814-1875); we may well have been his second wife. I know of eleven children born from 1828 to 1855:

1. James M. Alexander (1828-1855)
Married Catherine M. ___ and moved to Monroe COunty, Ohio, where he purchased a mill. Known children were: John Waddell Alexander (who married Harriet Roberta Martin) and Charles H. Alexander (who married Martha C. Hawkins)

2. Elias H. Alexander (1831-1898)
Married Emaline ___ (1830-1878) and then Sophie. Courthouse records of several counties – Beaver, Butler and Allegheny of PA, and Monroe of Ohio, show him involved in land transactions, but he apparently lived in only two of them as an adult: Beaver County (New Brighton, PA) and eventually, Allegheny County (Allegheny City, which is now a part of Pittsburgh). His chilren were by his first wife and were: William D. Alexander (who married Jennie ___), Clara (Married Baker), Mary (married Dudgson), Ella (married Vickerman), Charles L. Alexander, Julia Forres Alexander, Alice Emaline Alexander, and Joseph E. Alexander, who died in 1878 age 11. 

3. Julia Ann Alexander (1835-1921) married Henry Paulson and then, sometime after 1870 married Valentine Steward Ezra Hobaugh. The four children were born and raised in New Brightons, except the oldest daughter, Drusilla, who went to live with her uncle James M. Alexander in Monroe County, Ohio, when she was a teenager. The four Paulson children were: Drusilla (m. John Bachman in Monroe County, OH, in 1876), Charles Hall Paulson (married Estelle Fridiger in Beaver County in 1885), Fanny (married Charles VanArsdale) and Joseph Fillmore Paulson (married Drusilla Gertrude Funkhouser in Beaver County in 1887). 

4. Ellen Alexander (1839-?) the wife of a James D. Harris

5. Eliza Alexander (1840-?) the wife of a George MacManagel

6. Sarah J. Alexander (1843-?) wife of Fred Hollensworth

7. Joseph Benz Alexander (1845) was his wife Louise Wallace? If so, they bought land in Independence Township, Beaver County in 1873 from Joseph & Rachel Wallace. 

8. Frances Alexander (1847) Married Irwin Campbell

9. William F. Alexander (1847) He was a painter

10. George Clark Alexander (1850) Married Elizabeth Langnecker (1854-1923). They're buried in New Brighton, as is a son Harry (1882-1912)

11. David Alexander (1855)”

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