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Military service

The following men who are my ancestors served in the American armed forces. There may be more; this is a working list.

American Revolutionary War:
Robert Philson (1759-1831), my 4th great grandfather (paternal)
Somerset County, PA
Arrested 1794 for involvement in the Whiskey Rebellion, later acquitted in Philadelphia.
Rose to Brigadier General in the War of 1812.
Later served as the US Representative from Pennsylvania (1819-1821).

Joseph Sherer (1731-1776), my sixth great grandfather (paternal)
From a Sons of the American Revolution application: “During the French and Indian War Jospeh Sherer served as a non-commissioned officer and was in active service as a Scout or ranger on the frontiers. When the thunder of the Revolution reverberated along the valley of the Susquahana, with all his Scotch and German neighbors he inlisted into the contest for liberty. In 1775 and 1776 he was Captain of a company of Col James Burds 4th Battalion of Associates of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. 1st Lieut James Collier 2nd Liet James Rutherford, Ensign Samuel Hutchenson. Captain Sherer was a member of a committee of Observation for the County of Lancaster, and was chosen by a vote of the people a member of the First Constitutional Convention of the State of Pennsylvania which met at Philadelphia on the 15th of July 1776. While in attendance in this representative body of Revolutionary era, he took ill returned home and died on the first of December.”

Joseph Brady (1735-1787), my 5th great grandfather (maternal)
Captain, Cumberland County, PA
Captain of the 7th Company, 1st Battalion of Cumberland County Associators.
Commissioned in July 1777, and saw service throughout the war

John B. McClelland (1734-1782), my 5th great grandfather (maternal)
Captain, Westmoreland County, PA. At the Siege of Yorktown.
From Wikipedia: “At the outset of the Revolutionary War, McClelland was appointed to a citizen’s committee to procure arms and ammunition for the defense of the struggling new nation. He enlisted in the Fourth Pennsylvania Battalion, on January 28, 1776, which worked in conjunction with the Continental Army during the war. McClelland later became a Captain in the First Battalion of Westmoreland Militia, a unit which was prominent in the Siege of Yorktown.” He was a member of the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776, and later represented Westmoreland County in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Tortured to death by native Americans during the Crawford Expedition.

William Alexander (1757-1835), my 4th great grandfather (maternal)
Private, Chester County, PA. Crawford Expedition (served with John B. McClelland)
Married Elizabeth McClelland, John B. McClelland’s daughter.

William Linn (1748-1813), my 5th great grandfather (maternal)
Private, Cumberland County, PA. Served in the Pennsylvania Militia under Capt. Charles Maclay’s Company and Col. James Dunlap’s regiment.
SOURCE: Sons of the American Revolution membership application by Dr. Bernard Ross Pinckney (1949)

William Scott (1738-1833), my 6th great grandfather (maternal)
Served April - October 1778 in Col. Courtlandt's Regiment, N.Y. line, according to PA Veteran's Burial Cards
Buried Union Cemetery, Smithfield Township, Bradford PA

War of 1812:
Robert Philson (1759-1831), my 4th great grandfather (paternal)
Brigadier General, Somerset County, PA
later served as the US Representative from PA
(See info above)

John Brubaker (1779-1853), my 3rd great grandfather (paternal)
Major (rose from 1st Lieutenant), Berlin County, PA

MILITARY: Twelfth Division, 1812-1814, Bedford, Somerset & Cambria Counties, PA

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                            Pennsylvania Archives
                                Sixth Series
                                 Volume VII
                      Edited by Thomas Lynch Montgomery
                          under the direction of the
                              Hon. Robert McAfee,
                        Secretary of the Commonwealth.
      Harrisburg, Pa.: Harrisburg Publishing Company, State Printer, 1907. 

One drum.
A. Rifle.             E. Tomehawk's.
B. Smooth rifle.      F. Pouch & horn.
C. Worms.             G. Belts. 
D. Butcher knife.     H. Uniform 

                                         A.      B.      C.      D.      E.      F.      G.      H
1       Capt. Casper Keller,                                                                     1
2       1st Lieut. John Brubaker                                                                1

Civil War:

Thomas A. Braden (1844-1911), my 2nd great grandfather (paternal)
17th Cavalry, 162nd Regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers Company A, Beaver County, PA

Richard Baxter McDanel (1844-1912), my 2nd great grandfather (paternal)
Company C, 63rd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Beaver County, PA

Jacob Osmon Funkhouser (1839-1907), my 2nd great grandfather
Company C, 134th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Beaver County, PA

Joseph Martin DeVenny (1840-1920), my 2nd great grandfather (paternal)
Company H, Pennsylvania 38th Infantry

I also suspect, but do not have confirmation yet, on these two:

Thomas Carter (1842-1913), my 2nd great grandfather (maternal)
Bucks County, PA (Union); or Amelia Courthouse, VA (Confederate)

Dr. Henry Brubaker (1827-1889), my 2nd great grandfather (paternal)
Somerset County, PA – a physician – may have served in this capacity

World War I:

Joseph DeVenny Brubaker (1897-1978, my paternal grandfather)
served as a Marine in Haiti